A pitiful existence among a greater being, yet,
the existence takes form of anything to be more than itself.

In taking new form the existence changes nothing in actuality,
humans are easily manipulated, deception is their worst enemy
the pitiful prey on human weakness to hide their own personal imperfections
trying to convince themselves they are more than what they are,
within itself this is self-defeating for the pitiful, it’s not enough.

They drag other existences into their promising charade
beginning a psycho-social mess with no concern for many other than themselves
the pitiful tell you what you want to hear, they re-assure you they care
the pitiful never actually show you that they care, and excuses are key,
question something they do with logic, an emotional excuse rises,
if you are naive you will continue seeing this pattern and keep accepting it.

A pitiful existence is no longer pitiful when this becomes a cycle for another
it’s a cloud of toxic gas depriving you of oxygen, robbing you of clear sight
you are never yourself until you fan away the gas in its’ full form

at that moment you will realize that you are now free of restraints you never knew held you in the first place…

Finding comfort in those restraints is a nice feeling, only at the cost
of true happiness.


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