There’s no way to avoid it, the feeling’s come over me
It’s a truth in my eyes, I’ve lived it through reality.

I’m tired and long for rest, but when I sleep I feel no relief
Tears not shed burn deeply in my chest and cause me to ache with grief.

I’ve had friends at my back, that’s why it was shot
My mind is cleared my naivety stops.

Embracing the ugly truth and facing its’ woes
Is what will save me from the future and pain it still holds.

I hate the uncaring, I hate the deceptive
They pretend to care but leave you completely rejected.

When the time comes that you need them do not hold your breath
Without oxygen you won’t be able to move alone or take a single step.

The only truly reliable person to me is me, I love me very much
Spreading the words “I love you” in ignorance is common and such.

I’ve been promised and abandoned time and time again,
I won’t believe another lie and let more garbage in.


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