Is She It?

I wonder about myself,
rather will I remain with just myself?

I’m giving it one more try
another chance with love but I…

If I fail I wouldn’t know why
other than I’m not the “perfect” guy.

But she’s a different kind
she makes me happy, so for now I’m fine,
if she says no then my heart may die.

I knew her for a long time ever since we were kids,
same team, same classes 24/7 we’d stick

Been four-five years, or maybe six
‘Till I think that I really like this chick.

Not for her beauty, laugh, or smile,
I wouldn’t even care if she didn’t want a child.

I just have to be next to her because she
up-lifts the fears that are inside of me,
it’s almost as if it was destiny.

In four days I now know I was wrong,
there’s no more point in demanding.
My voices inside talk as if they are alive
my heart won’t stop commanding:

“There’s nothing left but you, there’s nothing left to do.”



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