“Friends are fake”

I have no clue who’s a friend,
I used to believe without end

Now my trust is broken and bitter,
She thinks it’s funny and it makes me hate her

Even the smartest people are ignorant to one thing,
It goes with failing at something

I know too much about our kind
I foolishly grasp at friends that aren’t mine

I tried to help one with trouble that pains
Yet when I trouble they leave me maimed

They call me sensitive, young, insecure
I call them insensitive, stupid, and obscure

Though it will not get to your head,
You uncaring bitch, I consider you dead.

Oh it may hurt
But you should know first,

I want you to go, if heaven or hell
Even rotting away in some cell

Leave me be, you provoke too much danger
You provoked my greatest anger

My anger is fuel enough to kill
And thoughts of killing you give me thrill

But I hold my ground; look away and sigh
Hoping you understand, this is goodbye.